We’re Trapped In An Abandoned Hospital (Finale: Pay After All?)

Rosé Black
8 min readJul 25, 2022


“Why are they showing up here now?” I whispered.

“Maybe the lights were keeping them away?”

“Well, that’s just great. We’re basically sitting ducks.”

“Maybe we can find something to use.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Help me search.”

What we found were two box cutters, a bag of beef jerky, some flashlights, a Swiss army knife, a lighter, and a flask.

“Wasn’t this Rob’s?” I asked.

“I think so,” Drake replied, putting it to his ear and shaking it. “Sounds like there’s a lot left inside.”

“Of what?”

Drake unscrewed the cap

“Wow,” he said as his nose wrinkled at the smell. “I think it’s vodka.”

He sniffed again.

“Yep, that’s definitely vodka.”

“What kind?”

“Spirytus, I think.”

“Man, how was Rob not already dead from alcohol poisoning?”

“Beats me. Anyway, I don’t hear them anymore so I think the coast is clear.”

We left the room. Seeing as how we ran aimlessly to escape Erickson last night, we had no clue where we were in relation to any potential exits. Therefore we did what I think most people would in our situation. We said fuck it, winging it and going in a random direction. This worked because we finally found some stairs.

Naturally, we were ecstatic as we made our way down multiple flights of stairs to reach the first floor. Our optimism met its end at the site at what lay on the floor below. That was some kind of freaky as hell human centipede thing. Basically, it was four torsos and sets of arms attached to a single head. Whoever this was had various wires running from their neck to their scalp.

“Back up,” I yelled. “Back the fuck up.”

It rapidly crawled up the stairs towards us while letting out raspy breaths. My ankle was grabbed as we attempted to run and I was pulled down.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” I screamed as I was trying to keep the thing from my face.

I would have immediately pulled out my box cutter if it weren’t for the fact I needed both hands to keep the creature at bay. Lucky for me, Drake was there. He threw a shoe at it, hitting it dead on. While it was momentarily stunned, I pulled out my box cutter and stabbed it in the eye. I then grabbed handfuls of its wires, pulling them out.

When it stopped moving I kicked it back down the stairs.

“I heard something his way,” we heard someone yell.

This was followed by the sound of many heavy boots heading our way. . Drake glared at me and we got out of dodge. We figured they would most likely be going downstairs to search for us. Therefore, we went back upstairs. We waited until the footsteps faded.

Then continued our descent. We were a floor from the first when we ran into more trouble. We stopped because I heard something that put me on edge.

“Do you recognize that sound?” I asked in a low voice.

“Heavy breathing? That’s par for the course in this place.”

“Yeah, I know, but it sounds familiar.”

Drake listened more closely and recognition came into his eyes as well. As a precaution, we got our box cutters back out as the army knife. Robert was waiting for us at the bottom step and he’d been considerably changed. For one thing, he was naked. For another, there were now metal plates embedded throughout his body and his eyes were a sickly yellow.

There were also blue lights embedded under his skin which gave off a low illumination. There was a brief staredown and then he went berserk, lunging at us. It happened so fast. I shrieked and we jumped out of the way. His appearance wasn’t the only thing changed about him.

When he lost balance, he grabbed the railing to pull himself back up, and the fucking bars bent. From that, we got a strong hunch our weaponry wouldn’t do much good against him. As he was getting back up, we kicked him back downstairs and then ran into the nearest door. We were immediately greeted by a bunch of guns being pointed at us. You know that gut-sinking feeling you get when you have to decide between two impossible choices?

That was hitting me full force. In this case, it was dealing with Robert or getting shot. The guards went to arrest us when who should show up but Robert? He leaped through the doorway. Luckily, we detected him in the nick of time and once again evaded him. The guards weren’t so lucky. The nearest one was tackled to the floor.

Despite his heavy armor and helmet, Robert was able to crush his skull. The others fired on him, nearly shooting us in the process.

“Watch it, assholes,” Drake yelled at them.

We went to flee back downstairs. However, two of them went after us. They tried to grab us and we kicked them in the balls and ran. The others were trying to take down Robert. The last we saw as we were running was one of them getting his head smashed against the wall.

“Can this place give us a break for once?” I asked, collapsing to my knees in exhaustion.

I was frustrated, scared, and tired. I wanted it to all be over.

“Gus, I know you’ve been through a lot. I have too and the sooner we get a move on, the sooner we can get out of here.”

“I know. I need a break, though. Can I see the jerky?”

After a brief snack, we kept going, turning corners whenever an unnerving noise reached us.

“Holy shit,” Drake exclaimed.


“Look at the door.”

It was labeled “fire exit”.

“Oh, thank Christ,” I said.

Before we could find our salvation through it, we heard the clicking of a gun. We turned to see Erickson holding a revolver and the jar of the severed head.

“So, you thought you could escape. Did you?” He told us with an insane glint in his eyes.

“I mean, yeah kinda,” I replied.

“Well, you can forget about it. What should I do to them, honey?”

Once again, the head gave no reply.

“Skin them alive first before I experiment? This is why I married you.”

I gave Drake a “do something” look and he gestured to his pocket. That was when I noticed the handle of a gun peeking out of it. Figuring he must’ve stolen it from one of the guards, I gave him a brief nod and waited for his signal. Erickson turned back to us.

“I wouldn’t normally be bothered doing this kind of grunt work, but as the saying goes sometimes if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.”

He walked behind us, still pointing the revolver.

“I can remember our first honeymoon. Isn’t she pretty?”

Me and Drake looked at each other.

“Yeah, she’s a real knockout,” I told Erickson.

“You know,” he replied. “I might sedate you before the procedure.”

“Aren’t I lucky?”

“Indeed you are. If only your friend here would show more respect.”

Drake was about to tell him something akin to “go fuck yourself”. I shook my head, looking at him with wide eyes. He was able to keep his cool and we eventually reached another surgery room with two tables.

“You go first,” Erickson ordered of Drake. “And don’t worry, the others will be down soon enough.”

“Gus. now,” Drake yelled.

Erickson was turning to me, intending to fire. Luckily, I was faster. Not faster than him pulling him the trigger. I mean I was able to do what I needed to before he could train his gun on me again. I threw the army knife at him and it went into his shoulder. Out of reflex, he dropped the revolver and the head in a jar. It shattered and he screamed.

“Look what you did,” He shouted. “You messed up her hair.”

Drake pistol-whipped him, knocking him unconscious. Then we headed back to the fire exit.

“Do you still have the flask?” Drake asked.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Let me see it.”

I handed it to him and he poured it over the drywall. Then took out the matches.

“Fuck this place,” he said, striking one and throwing it onto the vodka.

The place became aflame and we ran out the fire exit, eventually coming to the outside parking garage.

“It’s freezing,” I shivered. “Which way was your car?”

“This way,” Drake pointed.

I should mention at this time, the blizzard had mostly died down, now reduced to mere flurries. Back in the lost in found, we also came across Drake’s car keys so we were able to get back in his car and drive away.

“We made it,” I laughed. “We actually fucking made it.”

What happened next embodies the meaning of the saying “don’t jinx it”. A mutant grizzly bear came after us. Yes, a grizzly that was modified. The god damn thing jumped from the upper deck of the parking garage, landing on the car. It too received mechanical enhancements, making it faster and stronger.

I screamed my head off as it flipped the car, sending it hurtling through the air. It landed upside down, shattering the windows on impact. We couldn’t move as the grizzly walked toward us. Its claws were metal and could probably shred the car like paper so things weren’t looking good for us.

“Drake, can you move?”

“No. You?”

“Wish I could. Looks like this is it. Damn it and we were so close.”

The bear came closer, stopping in front of Drake. I squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn’t have to see what happened next. The blaring of sirens reached us. This was followed by a barrage of gunfire. The bear was practically blown to pieces.

Some FBI-looking guys stopped in front of Drake’s overturned car. After pulling us out, they had us taken to the hospital. Some of them questioned us once we were in stable condition. We explained things as best we could. They told us, Erickson and the others were detained and thanked us for our help.

“This fucking bites,” Drake said once they left and we were alone in the hospital room.

“At least we’re still alive,” I pointed out. “And your car is insured.”

“But our health isn’t. All that work for nothing.”

“Maybe not.”

“What do you mean?”

I flashed him the cards and money I stole from some of the guards.

“When did you…?”

“When we talked to that sick guy a couple nights ago. Remember the guys we knocked out?”

“Oh yeah. How much is that anyway?”

When I finished counting, we realized it actually far exceeded the amount we would’ve gotten with the prize money. We’re also planning on making use of the cards I found via some ATMs. I say if someone tries to murder you, rob them. Rob them blind. That bastard, Erickson definitely deserves it.

Wherever they’re taking that psycho, I hope he never escapes. This is probably wishful thinking on my part. However, I also hope his victims can somehow be cured. The fact we nearly ended up like that isn’t doing wonders for us in the sleep department. I should leave it off here, though, and try to get some rest.

Hopefully, we don’t have to deal with anything similar again. We’ll be getting an Uber to drive us home from the hospital in the morning. Weird that the weather is still strange, though. Oh well. Goodnight, everyone.



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